A Blank Page

There is never anything so exciting, terrifying and ominous to a writer as a blank page. What shall I do with it? What will it become? Will it end up utter shit that in five minutes I’ll delete or scrunch up in the bin? I hope not.
I intended to start this blog on the first of January. A hangover postponed it to the second and I’ve spent the past three days trying to find a sequence of words not yet taken on blogger that I could stand to write under for the next… however long I keep this blog for. I have settled on this one which, as you can see is, ‘A long way from Eden’. A lot of the thoughts that squabble for attention in my mind tend to be about what’s wrong with the world and why, but don’t let that put you off reading, because I think about solutions a lot too. As my thoughts take shape I want to document them, along with the changes that I make in my own life as a consequence.

There are four main threads running through my life that I want to share with you:

  1. My work with Transition Brighton and Hove (find out what that is –>here<–).
  2. My own journey to a greener way of living, with any problems or frustrations that brings up.
  3. The Art of Money-Free Living – Is it possible to live without cash? I’ve been gradually reducing my need for money for the past eighteen months and I intend to find out.
  4. My interest in the workings of capitalism and the connections between social, environmental, political and spiritual issues.

Well dear reader, I hope we shall be very happy together over the next year. Check back often and please feel free to leave me comments so I know that you’re still out there.

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