Foiled by Cake

It was a vegan strawberry and peach cake that did it. It broke my will. It stared at me all day while I worked in the cafe, but I ignored it. I thought I was stronger than the cake. Why is my willpower so much weaker when I have friends around me? It’s not peer pressure, nobody wanted me to do it. They were quite encouraging actually. I was working with Dave, who has given up sugar. He wasn’t supposed to eat the cake either, but he managed not to. Not like me. I scoffed it in a cafe meeting while my friends looked on in horror.

So, I must regrettably announce that I have broken my New Year resolution. I have partaken of wheat. Sometimes, I really shock myself.

The alcohol and caffiene bans are still in full-force until the end of the month. I will not relent.

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