Post Peak Panic?

One of my ever-growing volunteer ‘jobs’ is an organic wholefood co-op at Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project. We get stuff through the Infinity Foods catalogue and sell it at not-for-profit prices, plus people can order stuff at the wholesale price.
On Thursday morning last week while ‘working’ there (more like shopping while helping others to shop really), I possibly witnessed my first post-peak-oil-panic-buy. A guy came in and spent £69 on three 25kg sacks of rice to put into storage. He openly admitted he was doing it because he’s uncertain how much longer rice will be available. Eeek!
If this turns out to be the first of many panic buys, surely that will hasten the food shortage and inflate the price of grain still higher?
If you don’t know what I’m talking about please read this and then this. I know the basics of peak oil but it will be much quicker and easier to understand if I just refer people to the experts rather than attempt it on here!

Meanwhile I have now made it to the allotment twice. I now know how to plant peas and also how to ‘green mulch’ (I think that’s what it’s called). I’m also growing some stuff on my windowsill at home… well, the mint hasn’t completely died yet so there is hope… and I’m sure the tomato plant will keep it company now, even though they are only about an inch high each and can’t see one another over the tops of the pots yet. Still need to buy some potting compost for the basil, lavender (I know you can’t eat that but it will make my flat smell lovely) and thyme. Does anyone know where I can get veganic peat free compost???

3 thoughts on “Post Peak Panic?

  1. Beth was talking to me the other day about growing herbs on my window. Sounds like a lovely idea.I’m surprised to hear people are panicking buying, particularly in a country where we throw away 30% of our food. Anyway, thanks for the post – the links were interesting. Hope to catch up soon.

  2. Jo – Veganic, organic, peat-free compost… hmm… why not use soil.It’s free. Just don’t take loads.James – I suspect the guy panic buying rice had heard that India were stopping/stopped(??) exports of rice that wasn’t basmati at under a certain price. I guess he liked rice a lot and wanted to get it while it was cheap. In other global food news, there’s a ‘wheat crisis’ in the offing – wheat is being destroyed by a *deadly* fungus. Don’t worry though as scientists are on the case developing special fungicides and ‘fungus-resistant’ varieties of wheat. Thank god for genetic modification, eh.

  3. Maybe the guy panic-buying rice was the anxious peak oil guy from Saturday… But how many calories could we get from a vegan diet, how many people could 1 hectare of land support, ad-infinitum. I told him that growing things would help him chill out a bit.

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